Friday, October 25, 2013

Las Vegas dog problem

In the City of Las Vegas you can have three adult animals. There are also more than 30 dog parks around Vegas, but, dog owners never get enough. They walk their dogs everywhere, including places they supposed not to. Most of dogs' owners just don't follow the dog parks rules and regulations. And don't you dare to say a word about it to these people.

PetSmart reports that one to two animals are adopted at each location each week. Just think with me. There is not an exact number, but it says there are about 1.5 m dogs in Vegas, where are 2 m inhabitants. It is unbelievable.

Another huge dog problem are the "foreclosure dogs".  Cats and dogs, among other pets, left behind by owners' house that are/were foreclosure, are walking the streets night and day.

With the help of Alaska Airlines, a rescue group, Foreclosed Upon Pets Inc, is shipping dogs to Canada for adoption. In my opinion it is not enough. Maybe this company needs money to do more. Just in case, please donate: