Saturday, February 8, 2014

Another victim of dog bites

Another victim of dog bites. This time is a 7-year-old boy. He was attacked by a pit bull  last week. The boy is at UMC recuperating from a severe bite wound to the calf. 

If wasn't for a hero who used the gun to save the boy's life, today would be the day of this boy's funeral.

Neighbors said it's common for pit bulls to run loose in the neighborhood. Pit bulls attack mail carriers and even police around the area.

Dogs can be trained, of course, but they will always be dogs and they always will bite you, will kill babies and attack kids.

It's unbelievable how irresponsible dogs' owners are here in Vegas. They just don't care about anybody. There are dozens of dog parks around Vegas and most of them are empty. Check dog parks on a Google maps below.

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Boy's leg
Maybe you can get a cat like this:

Cat Saves Boy From Dog AttackThis video shows a boy riding his bike in front of his home when the neighbor's dog comes around from behind an SUV and drags the boy off his tricycle and wrestles with the boy's leg (photo on the left).