Friday, March 14, 2014

Coming to Live in Vegas

by Ned Barnett

I’ve been living in Las Vegas for going on 25 years now, and I’ve got to tell you, I never expected to live in Las Vegas. Until I suddenly had a need to come here – my late wife developed critical health problems requiring us to live in a high-altitude very dry climate, and Vegas was where I could find an employer who’d hire me and move me here – I’d never even been to Las Vegas, and honestly expected that, like Hawaii or the Grand Tetons, Las Vegas would be one more place in America that I’d never have reason to go to.

When I first got here, with a car that had no air conditioning, I was beyond appalled by the heat (it got to 118 degrees that summer) and the incredibly dry climate. Imagine, a city that received 4.5 inches of rain a year – back in Florida, I could recall storms that dumped 7 or more inches of rain on me in a However, over time, I came to find real value in Las Vegas, a city unlike any other I’d lived in before, and I’ve lived in a lot in my time. Before finally settling in Las Vegas, I’d lived in Cleveland, Chicago, Atlanta, Athens, Chattanooga, Columbia, Nashville, Tampa, Atlanta (again), Palm Beach and Flint. And I’d worked in Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, Washington and a lot of other places as well. 

However, Las Vegas was unlike any other, and – after nearly 25 years – I keep finding new things that are fascinating and remarkable. This blog will describe some of the things I’ve discovered about Las Vegas that others, visitors to Our Fair City – as well as those who, like me, move here to start a new life – might make their own experiences more fascinating. 

So buckle your seat belt and wade on in – hey, this is the desert, and the water's no deep.

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