Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Las Vegas Extreme Heat Warning

Another method is to wear loose fitting clothes so the air between your skin and your clothes can circulate and keep your body cooler

If you’re planning to come to Las Vegas this summer, you should think about the local weather conditions before you leave home. 

Las Vegas experiences extreme heat conditions that involve temperatures exceeding 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Southern Nevada temperatures have been ranging from the low 110’s to 119 degrees and nearby Death alley and Needles, California have experienced temperatures of 123 degrees.

Keep in mind that these warnings are especially important for the elderly and young children. Focusing on young children, it’s especially important to think of keeping young children inside during these excessively hot temperatures. Young children and infants don’t have the ability yet for their bodies to adjust to these extreme temperatures. So, if you have an infant or a young child, please do not subject them to these hot outside temperatures, no matter how much water they drink, they may experience severe dehydration or heat stroke. As we all know, dehydration is the loss of water in the body and heat stroke is the over-heating of the brain. This can be fatal, and occurs rapidly in infants. 
To avoid heat stroke in infants, it’s best to keep them indoors during periods of excessive heat. Please don’t place your infant in a baby stroller with a sun-shade and attempt to walk up and down the strip during periods of excessive temperatures. 

This has resulted in many infants each summer experiencing heat stroke, a fatal condition if not treated early enough in its onset. Many parents think they will only be outside for a brief period and end up being outside for longer than they had planned, and it only results in their infants suffering the worst tragedy of their lies. Symptoms that include vomiting and unresponsiveness are keys to look for. If you’ve had your infant outside for extended periods in excessive heat and witness these symptoms, seek pediatric medical attention ASAP, or call 911. Please, heed our warning; keep your children safe and cool.

In referring to older children, teenage children and of course yourself, there are many ways to help your body stay cooler. The foremost method is to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Another method is to wear loose fitting clothes so the air between your skin and your clothes can circulate and keep your body cooler. Don’t wear too much clothing, too much of a good thing can be detrimental, but don’t wear too few clothes either. This can result in sunburn. But if you must wear skimpy clothing, apply sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburn.

by Bruce A. Taylor