Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Skywalk, Grand Canyon West Rim

We are very fortunate in Southern Nevada to live in close proximity to numerous natural wonders. The first one everyone thinks of is the Grand Canyon. We also have many engineering wonders as well, one of course being Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

Many people are not familiar with the Hualapai Indian tribe. The Hualapai tribe owns one million acres on the western rim of the Grand Canyon. The Skywalk extends out over the Grand Canyon. It is a glass u-shaped bridge that allows visitors to virtually walk on air 4,000 feet above the floor of the canyon.

It’s a millions of dollars in financing, not only for the bridge, but for other attractions and amenities, including, a hotel with an unrivaled view, plus, an Indian village consisting of authentic native shelters from the Hualapai, the Navajo, and the Hopi, a western themed village, and other activities. 

Before the Skywalk opened, the only way to get an eagle's eye view of the canyon was by helicopter. The Hualapai airport is already Arizona's 5th busiest. Visitors can zip down to the river to enjoy the solitude or ride the Colorado aboard the tribe's boats. The Hualapai want to succeed, of course, but are taking precise steps to protect the land, no carnival atmosphere, and no condominium towers on the rim. 

Near the point where the Skywalk were built, there's a section of the canyon called Eagle Point. You can see where it got the name. There are other places accessible only by foot or by hummer. 

The Skywalk is capable of supporting the weight of 72 fully-loaded 747 jetliners. That's a message the tribe wants to get out. so they can talk people into taking that little stroll out over the canyon. 

From Las Vegas, it takes less than three hours via ground transportation to arrive at the canyon's western rim.

The Skywalk includes highlights such as a high-end café and restaurant with outdoor patio and rooftop seating on the edge of the canyon, as well as meeting and wedding facilities.

Getting there
Grand Canyon West is located in north, western Arizona. Many visitors will start their tour directly from Las Vegas, Nevada; Kingman, Arizona; or Peach Springs, Arizona; all of which are approximately 2 ½ hours from Grand Canyon West. If you are driving, plan for at least 4-5 hours of traveling time and 2-3 hours of tour time at Grand Canyon West. 

From Las Vegas 
Grand Canyon West is approximately 120 miles east of Las Vegas. Take U.S. Highway 93 south to Hoover Dam (about 32 miles) and continue south another 40 miles to the Dolan Springs/Meadivew City/Pierce Ferry Road exit. Turn left and follow Pierce Ferry Road to Diamond Bar Road (about 28 miles). Turn right at the sign and stay on Diamond Bar Road to Grand Canyon West (about 21 miles). 

From Kingman 
Take U.S Highway 93 north to Dolan Springs/Meadiew City/Pierce Ferry Road exit (about 30 miles). Follow Pierce Ferry Road to Diamond Bar Road (about 28 miles). Turn right at the sign and stay on Diamond Bar Road to Grand Canyon West (about 21 miles).