Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sandstone Quarry Trail at Red Rock Canyon

Sandstone Quarry trail is located along the Scenic Loop Drive area about two miles past the Visitor Center. It's about 3 miles in along the 13 mile loop, but distance is variable since the trail can be accessed at either end or from either of the two Calico parking areas.

This part of Red Rock Canyon is the trailhead for the Calico Tanks and for Turtlehead Peak

It is very easy to get to as it is about 500 yards from one of the parking area which I only found out on the way back. :(

 The area has a lot of low level rocks that
 gradually sweep up to higher elevations.
 To me the best was 
hang out at the
 sandstone arch.  

 According to Rick, the organizer and
 event host, "it is an easy hike and is
 good for scrambling beginners. It does
 not require any special techniques
 Doesn't apply to me  :)