Saturday, July 5, 2014

Brazilian Style Party

Watch the game, get all-you-can-eat yum food and party with Brazilians at Via Brasil

This year fourth of July was very busy. The plan was party with Brazilians at Via Brasil and celebrate the 4th of July at the Legends Ranch Las Vegas and watch the fireworks on the Strip. It proved to be too much for one day that we end up losing a key, breaking a cell phone and so on. But everybody is alive.

We went to Via Brasil where we had the best of the best Brazilian food you can get. Via Brasil was full packed of happy Brazilians chanting, singing and dancing. The only time the whole restaurant was silent when Brazilian striker Neymar was injured. He was taken off on a stretcher in the 88th minute of Brazil's 2-1 win over Colombia after getting kneed in the back by a bleep Colombian player. Neymar then was taken to a hospital, where he was diagnosed with a broken vertebra. 

A friend of mine said this: "They should turn him loose on the streets in Rio, alone and with no weapons, after they have announced on TV where he will be and when. Problem solved. He won't have an unbroken bone in his body."  Neymar and captain Thiago Silva absences for the semifinal against Germany will be a devastating loss for Brazil. Along with David Luiz, they have been the shining stars of a team. 

Next party: Brazil vs Germany match - July 8 at 1 pm
Losing or wining, the party is on at Via Brasil!

After that, we went to the Legends Ranch Las Vegas for another party, a Fourth of July party. The place is big and beautiful, including a barn with some horses, a pool, a big place to enjoy the music. The band: Without a Hitch.

Las Vegas sunset on July 4th, 2014