Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dirk Vermin "Bad Ink" Farewell

This Wednesday night Aug 20 as we bid a fond farewell to the "experiment" known as "BAD INK". I can't express how much your support of me personally still means! 

by Dirk Vermin
On August 20 we say goodbye to "Bad Ink". This final episode ends my two seasons on A&E. No tears are necessary. I do not now, nor ever did, have any ownership of the show. "Bad Ink" was always the property of the network and the 24 episodes I worked my ass off for were enough for me. 

It would have been nice to continue as I felt the series had the potential for greater things but this is not my decision. I was never a fan of some of the silliness of Season 1 (I don't actually build dog houses or bake cakes) but I stand by my tattooing and was especially proud that Season 2 showcased and proved the fact that I'm a damn good tattoo artist.
You all helped make the show successful in spite of any real promotion, except social media, and it worked! We are still a bona-fide hit worldwide. I can't thank you all enough for the support throughout the past two seasons on Facebook and Twitter and I will try to be more active on both.

So what what's next on my insane agenda?  All I can say is stay tuned for bigger and better things. Priority one is finishing my first book:

The Devil and Dirk Vermin?!
(An unapologetic and not so modest history of growing up in and surviving Las Vegas with a completely biased social commentary loaded with subversive and agnostic ideology on the way to selling my soul to become a short-lived reality TV star)

This is all MINE, unfiltered and unapologetic. No networks, producers or editors looking over my shoulder.

Look for an early 2015 release.

You can also look forward to a brand new album from The Vermin, a YouTube channel and the launch of my personal channel on www.Stars1on1.com.

Most importantly, I wanted to use this as a message to all of my fans - I LOVE you all and have truly been humbled by all the support, both for the show and me personally, but make no mistake, "television is something I did, not who I am."

To the network: Thanks for the fame, I'll take it from here.

PS:  Television is a strange universe that I'm glad to escape for awhile but do stay tuned... SO much more is coming. More than you can imagine. More than I can tell!

So on our final episode? Do me a huge favor. Turn on the TV when the show starts, not before, and turn it off when show ends. I think that says it all...See you Wednesday!!! It's a good episode! #DIRKVERMIN

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