Friday, August 8, 2014

The Retrolites Band

The Retrolites play original and cover songs from the 50's, 60's and 70's just the way you remember it, added by an upbeat blend of Reggae

Las Vegas is hometown of many famous bands, like The Vermin, The Fab and many others. There is a Vegan new born band called The Retrolites. 

The Retrolites play original and cover songs from the  50's, 60's and 70's , just the way you remember it, added by an upbeat blend of Reggae.

At the same time The Retrolites' music is energizing, making you a not stop dancer, it is also easy to listening, making your worries go away and everything is suddenly alright. 

 The Retrolites   are playing at the  Beauty  Bar  Aug 23rd at 10  pm.  From 11 pm  the beer is $0.5! 

 517 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101  
 (702) 598-1965 ). Map below.

 The Retrolites members:

  Robert Stokes : Vocals / Guitar
  Kirt Taylor : Lead Guitar / Backups
  Brian Kolek : Bass Guitar / Backups
  Jordan Rosenthal : Drums
  Mo Robbins : Trombone
  Jamaal Howard : Tenor Saxophone

Kirt Taylor passed but his Facebook page is very much alive. Today, June 26, would be his birthday. Many of his friends are posting on his page, wishing him happy birthday. Here are some of the posts:

Happy Birthday big brother, I miss you so damn much. I have to admit there are so many feelings that I have going on; anger, sadness, but also a happiness because I know that you are with me always. I keep thinking of that time I came to Eugene to see you play (Over the Line: still the shit!!), I snuck out of the house (SOoo much trouble when I got home) and was lucky to have friends that understood how important it was to be there. I was too young to get into the bar you guys were playing at, but instead got to hang out in the van (totally named dropped that you were my brother and got called on it : ), which was so much cooler than seeing the show. I've looked up to you my whole life, and no matter what you were there. Miss you doesn't cover it. Love you always.

In honor of Kirt Taylor's birthday I'd like to gift everyone the album we were working on before his untimely death. The release last month was bittersweet; His gift to the world was music & I know he'd want you to hear this.
Just go to and enter this code :: B3e-51d3S

Happy birthday brother heart emoticon I love and miss you ,  Dang dude.....happy birthday Kirt! ,  
We all live you bro! ,  Happy Birthday Sweetheart

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Pictures: The above pictures: The Restrolites performing at the Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas July 6, 2014 and below, at The Beauty Bar, Downtown Las Vegas, August 5, 2014 


Location: Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV, USA