Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pussykat Tattoo Las Vegas

by Dirk Vermin
Dirk Vermin here! I started Pussykat Tattoo Parlor in fabulous Las Vegas 16 years ago this month! Pussykat remains the first "full-kustom", appointment only tattoo shop in the history of Sin City, period. 

We did it first, we do it best. We quickly gained a reputation for doing only custom hand drawn tattoos not "flash". Flash art is when you pick it off the wall and get in line! 

After 16 short years we are still moving forward. Almost every major Vegas shop got it's start at Pussykat which became a breeding ground for future shop owners! Most of Vegas' best tattoo artists have worked here at some point! My stint on A&E's "Bad Ink" only helped to increase the visibility and reputation of my humble shop. 

We can certainly handle all forms of tattooing cover-ups and beyond! My band's "The Vermin" and "Stormtroopers of Dirk" helped usher in the Anniversary in style on Friday the 13th!!!! We had a blast! Keep up with all I'm doing this coming year including the release of my upcoming book, "The Devil and Dirk Vermin' due out later this year! More television is coming as well! Stay tuned!... 


Pussykat Tattoo Parlor
4972 S Maryland Pkwy - Ste 12
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 597-1549

Stormtroopers of Dirk

Monday, February 16, 2015

Putrid Cupid: Two-Timing Valentine's Day Bash and St. Valentine's Day Massacre Party

Last Saturday I attended a vintage style party called Putrid Cupid at Dr. Foemmel's House of Cheer and interviewed some of the heads creators of the party. The party started at 8 pm and ended at 4:40 am. While my iRobot gently sweeps, I'm trying here to tell you about the many events popped up during the almost 9 hours of party.

“In the early 60's my great uncle Irving and great aunt Lillian brought a liquor store across the small highway from the A&W Root Beer Stand. It was a small store, and when he came back from buying the store, a local musician, concert promoter, and radio personality named Howie Sturtz, suggested he name the liquor store, Irv's House of Cheer. My aunt and uncle had a successful lifebuilt on hard work, Howie was a successful musician who has played 7,000 one-night concerts in his lifetime. My mother said Mr. Sturtz even played her high school prom.

They closed the store, and in 2012, when I bought this house, I decided to name it The House of Cheer. Just like a diner, or a concert, my house is a place that brings people together.

I had no idea the house would be a center of activity as it is now. 73 parties later, I now have a family moto. My mother and father celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary. My mom said “keep celebrating”. So, I say in Latin, Sempre in Celebrandis. That to me is the House of Cheer, but it is nothing without my friends.”

Nolan and I met and lived in Portland, OR. We were both looking for a change of scenery and tired of the rain. We narrowed our choices down to 2, Las Vegas and Memphis. We flipped a coin (best 2 out of 3) and Las Vegas was the winner! We moved here just before Viva Las Vegas to open our vintage store. We met Eric and Stephanie, while handing out fliers for our shop. We were invited to Church of Sinatra @ Ralph's Speakeasy, and made fast friends with everyone right away. The vintage community has been very welcoming to us, and we feel so lucky to be part of it. Moving here was the best decision we ever made. Our shop: Teenage Vice, 1225 S Main St. It's inside Amber Joys Vintage Closet.

The first time we came to the House of Cheer was for a Church of Frank Sinatra. Eric and I were talking about old Sacramento Punk bands and bad movies, which ended up spawning Dive-In Theater. We watch movies projected on the wall in the back yard while swimming in the pool. This year we have 10 films slated for Dive-In Theater.
The Putrid Cupid party was fun. There were lots of people I had not met. I bar-tended for a few hours. Tracy had a Divorce Ceremony. We smashed a cupid pinata to signify all of the rotten love he had dealt to people in the last year. Dive-In Theater was the event that took us from party participants to party planners and creators.

JohnFallon, singer, guitarist, song writer at The Steppes and The Laissez Fairs, has been coming to the House of Cheer since February 2013, invited originally to the House of Cheer by Kyle Kettner, for the Church of Frank Sinatra

A room for the world
At the party were also a Chinese couple having so much fun. They didn't look like the rest of the party's attendees. So, I asked Eric where they come from. Eric explained it to me. He has a room he rents for people all around the world throw a company. 

Themes parties
Vivian Martian met Eric and she told me some 3 years ago, Kyle, Eric's ex-roommate introduced her to Eric. From her birthday party, which was a success, they started throwing theme parties.

Vintage parties changed her life
Talking to another girl with an interesting story on how she started attending the parties. Before she felt like she didn't fit anywhere, any group of people. But after she was invited to one of the parties, she got the feeling that, finally, she found her “people”.
TracyAuGoGo at Cheersville
I met Eric for the first time at a Fourth of July party he and his former room mate, Kyle, threw in 2013. I returned to the House of Cheer alone two evenings later for my very first Church of Frank Sinatra party. That evening I engaged in a lengthy and lovely conversation with Eric about many subjects, after which he asked me for my current home address. To my surprise, I received a hand written Thank You card in the mail from Eric, in which he crowned me the First Lady of Booze for the Church of Frank Sinatra, title I held and still hold in high regard. I am a liquor representative for a liquor distributor as my profession and had supplied a large supply of alcohol for both parties I had attended. I continued to attend parties at the House of Cheer and built a wonderful friendship with Eric.

In March of 2014, Eric grabbed me by the hand and walked me across the street to the house that was for rent. I fell in love with the house, called the realtor immediately and moved into the neighborhood in April. Eric wanted to choose his neighbors personally, to keep the neighborhood good and interesting. I was honored to have been the first chosen. Upon my move in, we nicknamed our neighborhood 'Cheersville'.”
I heard Eric telling something very interesting and I decided to share it here. In his own words “There is a strange verve in this house. For a few months, I never know what was going to happen, or what I was going to make up to. At times, there were flouring musicians sleeping on the couch and floor. One morning I came out of my bedroom and there were people scattered on the floor and couch covered in blankets and sleeping bags. My roommate had brought them home from a dance convention.

I quietly went to the kitchen to make coffee, and all of the sudden, one of the guests woke up and started talking to me. She was wearing only her bra and panties, and I just about choked on my coffee. She didn't think anything of it, so I kept talking to her and quietly thanked God for an interesting conversation over my morning coffee. Nothing that good lasts forever. Fifteen minutes later, another girl came up to her and whispered something in her ear. The girl in underwear looked embarrassed and said “please excuse me”. Then she put some clothes on. Oh, well.”

Between raffles and kisses (at the kisses booth), they were able to raise $300 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Click here to see the photos of the party.

Eric Foemmel on google+

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lipshtick, the biggest names in stand up, exclusively at the Venetian Las Vegas

What do you get when you bring a line up of the world’s funniest women entertainers in an unprecedented comedy series? Side-splitting pain only a Category 5 hurricane of hilarity can induce! The Venetian Las Vegas is proud to bring you Lipshtick, a new comedy show featuring today’s top female comedians!  

With an unprecedented lineup of the funniest ladies in the industry, Lipshtick has quickly become Las Vegas’ premiere comedy destination. You’ve seen ‘em on TV – now is your chance to see these national headliners LIVE in the heart of Las Vegas!

Visit , call 866.641.7469
or visit the Sands Showroom Box Office and use promo code LIP30
VIP tickets come with exclusive entry to a Meet and Greet with the performer(s) on show night.

About the Performers:

Loni Love: Loni Love is a one of the busiest women in comedy as co-host of FOX’s The Real, a jet-setting stand-up comedian, and a regular Guest DJ on The Ellen Show. Loni can also be seen on shows such as Chelsea Lately, Premium Blend, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Comicas Unleashed, and VH1’s I Love the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Loni has starred in her own Comedy Central special, is a co-host on the CaféMocha Radio Show, and the Author of Love Him or Leave Him -- But Don’t get Stuck with the Tab.

Lisa Lampanelli: Lisa Lampanelli is Comedy's Lovable Queen of Mean. She has won accolades from Howard Stern, who called her "a true original and a brilliant comedy mind who'll steal the show every time.” Lisa joined the comedy greats with her 2009 comedy special, "Long Live the Queen” and the release of Chocolate, Please: My Adventures in Food, Fat and Freaks. Lisa has appeared in Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector, Delta Farce, The Aristocrats and Drillbit Taylor.

Jennifer Coolidge: You know her from her breakout role as Stifler's mom, the consummate MILF in the American Pie films, as well as the shrewd wife in Down to Earth, a wicked stepmother to Hilary Duff in A Cinderella Story and Reese Witherspoon’s manicurist in the Legally Blonde films. She has had starring roles in the mockumentaries Best in Show, A Mighty Wind and For Your Consideration directed by Christopher Guest. She can currently be seen on the hit CBS series 2 Broke Girls.

Roseanne Barr: Comedy superstar, award-winning actress, best-selling author, recent presidential candidate and the original domestic goddess Roseanne Barr continues to amaze. She began her career as a stand-up comedian, turning her experiences as a wife and mother into a hilarious comedy act that audiences couldn't resist. She subsequently produced and starred on her own hit sitcom, "Roseanne," which ran for nine seasons and earned 4 EMMY Awards. In 2013, Roseanne returned to her stand-up roots.

Whitney Cummings: Whitney Cummings is a comedian, actor, writer, and producer. She co-created and co-wrote 2 Broke Girls, which will return this Fall. She also wrote, produced, and starred in her autobiographical sitcom Whitney, which aired on NBC. Whitney appears regularly on Chelsea Lately and Comedy Central’s Roasts. Her one-hour stand up special, Money Shot, premiered on Comedy Central in 2010 and was nominated for an American Comedy Award later that year. Watch for her brand new Comedy Central Special in June 2014.

Garfunkle and Oats: Kate Micucci, along with partner Riki Lindhome, make up the comedy duo Garfunkel and Oates. The two met at Upright Citizens Brigade theatre in Los Angeles in 2007 and named their group after the "two famous rock-and-roll second bananas" Art Garfunkel and John Oates. The duo, which regularly performs and tours across the country, were named one of the Top 10 Comics to Watch by Variety.

Caroline Rhea: Caroline Rhea is a stand-up comedian and actress. You may remember Caroline from MTV's Half-Hour Comedy Hour and Caroline's Comedy Hour. Her feature credits include The Perfect Man, a supporting role in Man on the Moon, Christmas With the Kranks, and Ready to Rumble. Her television credits include Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, The Biggest Loser, Funny Girls, The Drew Carey Show, and the pilot of Curb Your Enthusiasm. A Montreal native, Caroline currently resides in New York and Los Angeles.

Elayne Boosler: Comedian/writer/animal activist Elayne Boosler is best known for her thoughtful and feisty political humor, and her love of baseball and animals, all sharing a big part of her act. For 35 years, she has appeared on every talk show ever on TV, has done five of her own one hour Showtime comedy specials, two movies she wrote and directed for Cinemax, appeared on Comic Relief for years, and on Politically Incorrect over thirty times.

Cameron Esposito: Cameron Esposito has appeared on LOGO, NPR, at TBS' Just for Laughs Chicago, SXSW, the Aspen Rooftop and Bridgetown Comedy Festivals (Portland Mercury Best of the Fest).

Fortune Feimster: Fortune Feimster was a semi-finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, performed in the New Faces showcase at the Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival and was a writer and regular on "Chelsea Lately" and "After Lately."

Iliza Schelsinger: Iliza Shlesinger is the youngest and only female comedian to hold the title of Last Comic Standing. She was the host of CBS’s syndicated comedy dating show Excused. She has been seen on her own half-hour Comedy Central Presents special, as well as Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and Who Gets the Last Laugh? You can see her new hour special, War Paint on Netflix now. She wants you to tweet her @iliza.

Sarah Colonna: Sarah Colonna is one of Daily Variety’s "Top 10 Comics to Watch" 2012. She tours across the country headlining comedy clubs and has been seen on the Comedians of Chelsea Lately tour, The Las Vegas Comedy Festival and has made multiple appearances at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal.

*Prices regularly $62.25 - $96.25. Not valid for VIP packages. Subject to availability and prior sale. Offer may be modified or revoked at any time. Other restrictions may apply.
Venetian’s Sands Showroom 
3355 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Friday, February 6, 2015

Las Vegas Desert Tours

by Bea Taylor

Las Vegas desert tours provide the chance to see the American Southwest in its most beautiful and primitive state such as sandstone formations, wild horses, big horn sheep, rabbits, bald eagles, and endless variety of wild flowers, trees and cactus. Each desert tour takes a number of stops at unique spots. 

These tours transportation can be helicopters, buses, and even horses. Almost all of them provide professional guides who are trained in archaeology, geology, and anthropology. These guides help the tourists to have the desert wilderness experience by exploring the desert in the best possible way. Some of the most popular tours among Vegas visitors are Death Valley, Red Rock Canyon and Mojave Desert. Here is a brief about these deserts and below some of the most exciting desert tours.

Death Valley
Death Valley is located 2 hours outside of Las Vegas, on the border of California and Nevada. It is known for its extreme weather. The Furnace Creek Area is one of the highlights of Death Valley National Park; features the Golden Canyon, the Natural Bridge, a massive rock formation spanning across a desert canyon, and the infamous Bad Water, a series of salt flats making up the lowest point in North America.
Filled with craters, canyons, mountains and desert, Death Valley is . With activities like hiking, biking, camping, or bird watching, you can reconnect with nature like you never have before. Other highlights include the Stovepipe Wells Area, filled with sand dunes and canyons, Scotty's Castle Area, featuring an elaborate Spanish-style mansion of a local prospector, and the Panamint Spring Area, made up of Darwin Falls and the famous Joshua trees.

Red Rock Canyon
Red Rock Canyon was designated as Nevada's first National Conservation Area. Red Rock Canyon is located 17 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip on Charleston Boulevard/State Route 159 and it is home to the Red Rock Escarpment, a 3,000 foot-high mass of multicolored pinnacles and boulders jutting from the canyon floor. It's also home to more than 45 species of mammals, about 100 species of birds, 30 reptiles and amphibians, bighorn sheep, coyotes, feral horses, burros and an abundance of plant life.  
More info and map

Mojave Desert
The Mojave Desert represents a rain shadow, sheltered from prevailing rain-bearing winds by California mountains. Mojave Desert is part of a smaller portions of southern Nevada, central California, and northwester Arizona. The Mojave Desert gives splendid views of the Tehachapi, the San Gabriel and San Bernardino mountain ranges.

Some of the most exciting Las Vegas desert tours:

Valley of Fire
Valley of Fire is Nevada’s first state park and in this unworldly place you will be at the bottom of what used to be an ancient ocean. Valley of Fire sandstone formations with color of fire red, dated 150 million years ago.  +Annie Bananie  -  $115

Las Vegas Dunes Tour
+SunBuggy has the widest selection of ATVs, Polaris RZRs, 3/4 Scale Desert Racers, and of course Dune Buggies that seat 1, 2, 4, or even 6 people.  You can also rent an ATV and go explore on your own, take a leisurely off road tour with an experienced guide, or go beyond your typical off road tour. $149 - $700
6925 Speedway Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV‎ - 866-728-4443

ATV trip in the Grand Canyon
You will ride your ATV through a series of trails from sand dunes, sand stones, washes and gullies. Drive your ATV to the top of the mesas and see views of Lake Mead, entrance to the Grand Canyon, and the North Side of the Valley of FireComplimentary hotel to hotel pick-up and drop off and shuttle transportation to the Logandale Trail. Complimentary picnic lunch & drinks. They also have Bus Tours, Helicopter Tours, Airplane Tours and Boat/Rafting Tours. +Canyon Tours - email:  $110 - $159  -   (702) 260-0796 or (866) 218-3427 

Red Rock Canyon and City Highlights Tour
On the way to Red Rock Canyon, they drive through the Las Vegas Strip. They also make a photo stop at the Las Vegas sign and China Town. +Annie Bananie   (702) 804-9755

Tecopa Hot Spring Tour by +Desert Oasis Tour
Round Trip transportation. Hot organic gourmet lunch / Vegetarian options available.
All associated fees and expenses and experienced guide.       $150

Death Valley
Day trip from Las Vegas to Death Valley, guided tour of Scotty's Castle, boxed lunch in the grounds of Scotty's Castle, stops at Ubehebe Crater, Furnace Creek Ranch Museum, Badwater and Rhyolite Ghost Town. Informative commentary from your driver/guide
They pick-up and drop-off from most Las Vegas hotels.  +Viator  $200

Death Valley and the Mojave Desert
Independent 3-Day Harley-Davidson Tour from Las Vegas
Ride 565 miles through the heart of Historic Route 66, America’s most famous road, in Kingman, Arizona and also Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.  +Viator $700

Grand Canyon West Rim 
by +Pink Jeep Tour. Tour includes: personally guided and narrated tour, lunch and complimentary hotel pick-up and drop-off. Tour time: 10 hours. $250

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Randall "R2" Bostik's You and I

 +Randall Bostick, also known as +R2, is the
 ex-lead vocalist of +Rick JamesOriginal Stone
 City Band
since June 2010. 
In 2011 Randall
 moved from California to live in Las Vegas.
 Since then,
R2's  is captivating audiences
Rick James' legendary sound
 throughout Sin City

 "You and I",  a tribute to Rick and Teena, debut
 performance was from the stage of 
 located inside the Fiesta Rancho Hotel
 and Casino
. The event, Sherry Gordy
 Presents..... Take The Stage
 is a weekly
 showcase of talent from artist's living not
Las Vegas, but around the country. Ms.
, daughter of the famed founder
Motown RecordsBerry Gordy, streams her
 show live to 17 countries weekly.

You and I gained local attention after being invited to perform in the Gibson Showroom on the set of Fox 5 KVVU Las Vegas. The segment was shown on the morning news' Surprise Squad and More Access.

You and I most recent performance was January 19th at the Edmond Town Center in North Las Vegas. The event was Dream Fest, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. More than 7,000 in attendance got the chance to witness the band delivering hit after hit from the king of punk funk, Rick James and the Ivory Queen of Soul Teena Marie.

Ron DeCar's event center in October was the site for a night of live over the top funk served up to a sold out standing room only crowd. While Montgomery Media Productions captured the performance in stunning HD video,

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