Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Steven Briggs

by Bea Taylor
A off the wall performance created with storytelling, sound effects and unique act outs Steven Briggs is an exciting performer to watch. He currently lives in Los Angeles where he works the comedy circuit as well as film and commercials.

He has also been seen at several of the most notorious comedy clubs throughout the country, including the +Laugh Factory, Flappers Comedy Club, Ice House Comedy Club, and Gotham in NYC.

I first met Briggs a couple months ago during his performance at +Paul Scally's Grand Laughs Comedy Show at the +Downtown Grand Las Vegas and I instantly recognized him as a remarkable comic talent. Briggs is no stranger to the Vegas Stage. In fact, his busy tour schedule typically has him headling somewhere in the city at least one week out of every month.
"The first place I ever got on stage in Vegas was +Mulliagans Landing 3 years ago," says Briggs. "I fell in love with the scene and the people and now Las Vegas is one of my favorite places to perform. I have a bunch of future dates coming up in Las Vegas that I am really excited about!"

In addition to his extensive domestic tour schedule, Briggs typically tours internationally 2-3 per year as well. Most recently, he spent 3 weeks traveling through Africa and the Middle East performing for the troops as part of his first AFE tour. Performing for the troops is a cause that Briggs feels extremely passionate about.
"People say I'm brave for getting on stage every night in front of a bunch of strangers," says Briggs. "That's nothing compared to these men and women who are out there risking their lives for a bunch of strangers."

For more information about Steven Briggs and to find out when he will be performing at a venue near you, be sure to check out his website at www.stevenbriggscomedy.com 

Steven Briggs
 performing in
 Las Vegas May 14th at
Grand at  Laughs Comedy Show 
Downtown Grand Las Vegas


Downtown Grand   206 N 3rd St, 
Las Vegas, NV 89101 
(702) 719-5100

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Downtown Grand   206 N 3rd St, 
Las Vegas, NV 89101 
(702) 719-5100

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Rock in Rio USA. "If you build it, they will come" (?)

by Bea Taylor
+Rock in Rio USA is around the corner. Organizers of the mega event, which will span two weekends in May 8 and 9, 15 and 16, are in a rush speed mode for the construction of the City of Rock, the zip line and everything else. I took these pictures today to show where the project is by now. The event in less than a month away.

Rock in Rio's inaugural event, in January 1985, broke records with 1.38 million attendees and last year's event in Rio sold out all 500,000 tickets in just four hours

Rock in Rio USA organizers are struggling to sell at least 50,000 tickets for each day of the event, a modest proposal, comparing to 90,000 thought before. 

According to Medina, Rock in Rio founder, "The delivery of these open events is not good, not as good as [Brazil's] Rock in Rio." Hmm... 

Building from the scratch
Even taking in consideration that in Vegas, the organizers have to build the event literally from scratch - from the City of Rock building to the zip line - the prices are a little bitter, not to say outrageous. In such  hard economic times, in my humble opinion, the ticket prices are out of reach for most students, who are the majority of people attending the event. 

Since I found out +Rock in Rio was coming to Vegas, I've been asking concertgoers if they would attend the event. Most of their answers were "I wish, but I can't afford it", while others stated "even if I had the money I would not pay this much to attend this event". Single day admission price for general Admission is $169 but it has been set at a mandatory two-day spend; VIP admission sells for $498.00. If you are attending 4 days of the event, just do the math! More bad news, if you already got your tickets during the pre-sale event, which were originally around $280, you cannot exchange them now for a single admission ($169). 

Tickets for the Rock in Rio in Rio de Janeiro
Single day admission for the Rock in Rio in Rio de Janeiro is around $100. There are also specials such as cut in half for students, seniors, and so on. Many Brazilian natives as well as Las Vegas locals are asking why the tickets are so expensive here?  

So, in justifying the cost of the tickets it may be due to the initial construction of the City of Rock, advertising/marketing/promotional fees, the cost of the selected entertainers could perhaps be very high. 

Las Vegas is home of many big name artists featured on MTV, movie soundtracks, as opening acts for large bands such as Three Days Grace, Grammy contenders and award recipients. Just as the host of a successful party must be present, local Las Vegas artists would be honored to perform on these stages. 

In adding the event to Las Vegas the promoters must learn to accommodate American culture and understand the economic standing of its citizens. The City of Las Vegas is host to a multitude of large events and local celebrities, artists, comedians and entertainers of all types are a part of the events. This is not the case for the first Rock in Rio USA, who's hodge podge of guests would be prudent for the attendance and budget of the event to invite local artists along with major headliners. 

Las Vegas taking the lead?
Rock in Rio is one of the largest events in Rio de Janeiro, second only to Reveillon (New Year's Eve - attendance of 2.5 million people). Its guests have included such legendary acts as Queen, the Rolling Stones, Ozzy Osborn, Foo Fighters, Guns N' Roses and Prince just to name a few. It was thought that Las Vegas's Rock in Rio would take the lead in size and glamour, comparable to other Las Vegas events. 

Now, the question is "If you build it, they will come"?

+Imagine Dragons
Etiquette rules when you are having a party in other people house, you must invite people who live in this very house, such as +Imagine Dragons.

Friday, April 10, 2015

DMV Dash Pass

My car registration renewal was just at the corner, and just picturing myself on a huge line for hours give me a headache. Plus, knowing that in January 2014 the Driver Authorization Card program (driver licenses for illegal immigrants) went into effect, the picture was worse.
According to the DMV Director Troy Dillan, during an interview to the RJ"the growth in DMV customers is especially acute in Southern Nevada. Customer counts at the four Las Vegas metropolitan offices increased from 1.43 million in 2013 to 1.73 million in 2014, a 28 percent increase. The number could reach 2 million this year". So, they have created a virtual line called Dash Pass, but after reading many bad reviews about it, my only option was to get to the DMV and do what I have to do, that is wait and wait for hours.
When I was ready to go to one of the DMV locations, I got a call from a friend. I told her I was in a hurry to get to hell. She said "why you don't try the dash? It worked for me". So, I did give it a try. I texted this number: (347) 763-6103 and entered on a virtual line from home. The first text I got from them told me there were some 280 people on the line before me. From there, each 30 minutes I got another text message telling me how long would take to get in front of the line, until the text telling me in 10 minutes would be my turn, so I head up to the DMV location just in time to be called by the last 4 digits of my cellphone.

Getting there, I met a girl who arrived at the very same time I get there and she gave me following tip: text to (347) 763-6103 at exactly 7:45 am, choosing "other" as subject and typing "S" as message, you are the fist on the line. That's great if you have to work in the morning and want to get it done before go to work. 
About the Driver Authorization Card Law:
Bill: SB 303 
Law: Chapter 282  
Date Signed: May 31, 2013

Law Description: 
The law stipulates that the Director of the Department of Motor Vehicles may not release information regarding the legal status of any person applying for a driver's license. The license will be valid for one year and available to people who can prove identity, age, and residence in Nevada. The license card will have minimal distinguishing marks and cannot be used to determine eligibility for other benefits.