Monday, June 29, 2015

Absinthe, the show

by Cynthia Hakopian

The show opens with trapeze act and a guy that builds and climbs a chair tower. It goes on to several amazing dance numbers and a few acrobatic performances that are definitely super fun to watch. All acts are performed without the use of safety nets and each performer is highly skilled. The dance performances are varied in style, the tightrope walkers and acrobats amaze and the aerial artists are bewilderingly entertaining. 

The audience is seated in a circle around the stage which allows for a more interactive experience. The hilarious emcee and his 'sister' sidekick bring lots of vibrant energy between sets, inviting audience participation and eventually getting everyone to laugh and enjoy themselves. There is much fun to be had while watching this show-a something for everyone revue.

My personal favorite was the girl with the balloon. It's hard to describe exactly what she does, so I'll just let you discover it on your own. The show also features a finale with the lovely Melody Sweets. All in all a great show to watch no matter where your seats are located. 

Cynthia Hakopian, author contributor to Come 2 Vegas. Originally from Tehran, Iran, she grew up in Los Angeles, now living in Las Vegas. Studied at Chelsea College of Art, London, UK. She sings and write lyrics; love dancing and swimming.

Favorite quote: Dans ce trou noir ou lumineux vit la vie, rêve la vie, souffre la vie.

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