Monday, June 1, 2015

"Crazy" Jay, a Really Funny Guy

by Bea Taylor

Originally from California, +"Crazy" Jay drove a road of hard work until he landed in Las Vegas. There is nothing "Crazy" about Jay. He is very focused and he knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. "If I want it, I make it happen; no is just an obstacle to the finish line."

Jay took radio and TV classes (his majors) and in 1992 began his radio career, following Dr. Demento's footsteps, playing funny music and interviewing locals that would submit funny songs.
In 2000, he moved to Vegas. New as he was, he didn't have lots of access to local artists, but this has been changing with time. Over the years, Jay changed his show several times and in 2004 he started the Rocking Comedy Show, making it a podcast which made his audience skyrocket to 30,000 listeners a day.

Jay has been in radio for 24 years. Rocking Comedy Show is 11 year old. He has done about 700 episodes. He hosts a comedy show every Monday at 10 pm; IT'S FREE! The show is about local music, bands, clubs, comedians, mixed in funny news, bits, main stream music with the comedy, interviews and anything Vegas 24/7.

Jay once told me, "Don't be surprised but I want to be on the air till I die, I  physically  want  to die on the air, during my show  laughing --- it would be the best way to go."

June 23rd, 2014 Jay broke a world record on for the longest uninterrupted broadcastbetween a duo or team, crushing the previous record of 73 hours. The new record is 80 hours, 1 minute at 11 pm. During the event, he ended up with a vocal cord hemorrhage; his recovery took 31/2 weeks. 

Some guest have been on the show: Carrot Top, George Wallace, Bill Dawes, Amazing Johnathan,  Steven Wright, Jackie the Joke Men, Sum 41, Tracy Morgan, Pablo Francisco, Mary Ellen Hooper, Anthony Cools, Murray Sarochuck, Weird Al Yonkovic, Paul Shortino, Bobby Staon, Kevin Melon, Bill Engvale,  just to name a few.

RockingComedyShow was voted number ONE radio/podcast in Las Vegas in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Wow!  

Show times are as follows:
Monday 10 pm Live, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 7 pm and Friday 3 pm Live. RCS is also available on iTunes and Stitchers for Download.

On top of all his social media, he also manages a hotline: 702-866-9028 and a 24/7 chat box on his website. 

Location: 44th floor Somewhere in Las Vegas, NV
FB: Rocking Comedy Show  and Radio Vegas Rocks
Twitter: @CrazyJay44
Rocking Comedy
Instagram: Rocking Comedy
Location: Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV, USA