Thursday, July 23, 2015

Celebrating a Decade of Decadence

by Charity Griego

The nights' live music was performed on the back patio while +Dj's spun a variety of genres in the main bar. The Beauty Bar is known for showcasing a wide range of musical genes from Punk, funk, hip-hop, house,  garage rock,  surf,  indie,  thrash, pop,  metal,  8-bit, country, soul, reggae, ska,  jungle,  swing,  Rockabilly,  New Wave,  goth,  emo,  progressive rock and orchestral performance groups. 

Saturday night's special musical acts included +Trade Voorhees,  +A Crowd of Small Adventures, +Ekoh, Brenden Sholz of +Mercy Music Hassan, +Black Beans and +Hippy Liver and +Jay R Beatbox. Other big name music acts to perform throughout the years include +Ok Go, +Helmet, the Killers, +Imagine Dragons,  +TY Segall, +Del the Funky Homosapien, +Mos Def, +Eagles of Death Metal, +Sister Nancy, +Shellac, +Cut Chemist of +Jurassic 5.  Along with past performances by local favorite classics such as +Gone IV Good, +Slow to Surface, +The Day After, +The Lucky Cheats, +Johnny Rox of the +Rawkerz, +DJ Allen Miller, +DJ John Doe and many many more.

Las Vegas extends a warm congratulations to the Beauty Bar in celebrating 10 years of events, music and memories and a fond thank you for heading up the downtown rejuvenation. This and the surrounding Fremont Street businesses give locals a break from the commercialized strip and gives tourists a beautiful reason to Come 2 Vegas

Brief history
The Beauty Bar, located at 517 E. Fremont Street in Las Vegas, NV proves that beauty is not just exterior. The bar's grand opening was a weekend long extravaganza in May of 2005 and an estimated 300-400 people attended the festivities. The ten year anniversary expected to see 400-500 original and new generation patrons on that night alone. 

The Bar was originally opened by +Paul Devitt who owned a chain of Beauty Bars in many Nightlife-Hip American cities. Ten years ago the bar generally had 5-7 staple employees and a few special events staff. Regular staff of the inaugural year included bartenders +Isaiah Thornton and +Kevin Griffin; bar manager +Ben Matsunaga, bar backs +Nathan Montgomery and +Wes Fenris; band promoter +Brandy Provenzano and's contributor +Charity Griego, who's signature modern-vintage look with flower adorned do, cocktail party dresses and black apron with satin bows allowed her to earn a living from 9 hours a week as a the bar's last regular cocktail waitress. Today the beauty of the bar is Cherrys hot rod pin up model & calendar girl, +Sarah Slobody (bartender) who can be booked for car shows, photo shoots and other special events and seen in Ratrod magazine.

This diamond in the rough has been recognized as a gem of the downtown beautification scene and was recognized by the City of Las Vegas and +Mayor Caroline Goodman who christened July 18 as Fremont East Originals Day. Former owner +Paul Devitt states that he chose the location of the Las Vegas Beauty Bar because he loved the "vibe of downtown, the feel and the Retro look". He believed that was "something that would come back". Paul expresses that he felt that opening the Beauty Bar in that neighborhood would jump-start the revival of the area, which has proved evident. Paul currently resides in New York and states that his favorite part of the Las Vegas Beauty Bar were the people and the friendships he made and the memories that make-up the establishment. Local Las Vegas side show performer +Jenn O Cide agrees with Paul’s vision and states that “the Beauty Bar gave downtown the flexibility in booking stuff they liked, as opposed to having to choose stuff that necessarily sold“. 

The look of the bar has improved with age and many upgrades have been made such as glittered walls and new refrigeration units behind the bar. Modern vintage red glittered seats and Beauty Bar brand photo booth were added a few years back. +Paul Devitt sold the bar in 2014 to +Darrin Feinstein and +Cory Harrison, while the white vintage cabinets and shelves with era beauty products and 60’s beauty salon hair-dryer chairs have remained a constant since the day the bar opened. The classic Beauty Bar silhouette logo was designed by +Paul Devitt's partner +Deb Parker almost 20 years ago and has become the timeless image of beauty for this classic spot. 

The designs of Local artists' work are displayed throughout the bar's interior, which was arranged by +Dana Anderson of Industry supporting The ISI Group. Even the bathroom doors are adorned by classic movie star portraits from artist +Cliff Morris. The back patio wall murals are also painted by Las Vegas artists and the colorful graffiti-pop, aerosol art back drop murals are scheduled to change every 6 months. Live art shows added to the anniversary event  as painters such as +Robert Perez of TAGZ1 created masterpieces right before your very eyes. +Las Vegas Ice Man Marcos Villa carved a Fremont Street Originals/Beauty Bar ice sculpture with precision, skills, a red and white striped chain saw and a passionate yet, bad ass attitude. 

Beauty Bar manager and Grammy Award Contender, +Brodie Knight Sawyer celebrated his birthday with a commemorative tattoo courtesy of +Das Frank of Timeless Tattoos, who designed a selection $20 tattoo art to commemorate this lovely establishment and the aesthetics of the downtown Las Vegas art culture. The tattooing was for that night only and special permits were granted from the Southern Nevada Health District for the event. 

Over time the bar has hosted a plethora of events such as First Friday after parties, Punk Rock Bowling, The Get Back, Drop Dead Gorgeous Burlesque shows, body painting, carnival style freak shows, belly dancing, Tryptophan Thanksgiving Parties, +Nickel f*#$%ing beer night, Karate Karaoke and memorial benefit shows such as the one for the late great  DJ Aurajin who packed up his Earthly turn tables on March 24, 2015, along with many other special events and celebrations. 

Location: Las Vegas 517 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101, USA


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