Sunday, August 9, 2015

Blow Stuff Up with This Las Vegas VIP Shooting Experience

by Bea Taylor
I was recently invited by Eric Brashear, the the owner of Shoot Las Vegas, to come check them out at their location approximately 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip

The day I visited the range it was very hot outside but I was relieved when they told me we would be shooting from their climate controlled mobile firing line. This is a trailer converted to a one-of-a-kind shooting platform.  Eric explained that since the summers can be brutally hot, the winters very cold, and windy at anytime of the year he wanted his guest to be comfortable as they shoot, so he created their mobile firing lines.  

It’s hard to believe they pack so much into this space.  The walls are stained Oak with black accents along with an observation bench to sit on while waiting for your turn to shoot.  There is an outside observation deck, bottled water on ice, WiFi, and music in the background (the guests choice of music).

The first thing all guests (including myself) who arrive at the mobile firing line must do, is fill out a waiver answering questions, including whether they are intoxicated (don’t show up drunk or you can’t shoot).  Without signing this form, a guest cannot even stay at the range, even if he is not shooting (yes, they allow guests friends to just watch without shooting).  

After signing the form, I spent a few minutes choosing the guns I wanted to shoot, then there was a safety briefing, and I was given ear and eye protection to wear.

The first thing that I noticed when choosing my guns is there are a lot of guns to choose from, including some pink guns.  I witnessed women handling big colorful machine guns. And by the way girls, the ground outside the mobile firing line is like a golden carpet that is very difficult to walk on in stilettos because it is covered with bullet shells - so wear your comfy Vans.  

I don’t know much about guns, so I was really excited to see that they tie all the guns in with movies. They have these custom movie posters that show the gun in the movie, which made it much easier to pick guns based on the movies I like.  

The other thing I was happy to see on the posters is a “kick rating” which tells you if the gun is powerful or easy to shoot.  Once I chose my guns I took my list up to the Range Safety Officer at the shooting station and he loaded the gun for me and showed me how to hold it properly.  He also gave me an idea of what to expect when shooting and was right there the whole time making sure I was doing it right.  The company takes close-up photos and videos of you as you are shooting that you can tweet, facebook, google+, text, or email live, right there from the firing line.  But unlike some other ranges, Shoot Las Vegas pictures and videos are FREE.

Shoot Las Vegas features many of the guns you see in popular movies like Dirty Harry, The Godfather, and Terminator just to name a few. There is a wide variety of guns from fully automatic machine guns to western guns, big guns (including the largest production handgun in the world), and Sniper rifles.  Shooting the Sniper rifles is really fun because you were shooting at Tannerite exploding targets.  There are also steel targets that ping when you hit them (much more fun than putting a hole in a little paper target).  

You can also customize your own shooting experience from their wide selection of weapons.  The packages they offer are 6-Gun, 9-Gun, 12-Gun, all the way up to 30-Gun packages.  If you get a 9-Gun package, each person can pick their own 9 guns to shoot, which was great instead of being limited to only guns in a particular package like other ranges do.  

My previous experience handling guns was at a gun store inside a dark and narrow, almost claustrophobic environment shooting at a paper target. Can you imagine how I felt when one of the guests blew up an old taxi cab by shooting a Sniper rifle through the passenger door at 8 pounds of Tannerite exploding target.  BAM! I almost fell on the floor with my camera!

I felt the whole experience was a really good value with everything they include.  Prices start at $222.00 per person to shoot any 6 guns, $333.00 to shoot any 9 guns, $444.00 to shoot 12 guns, on up to their 30-Gun package.  Most ranges tell you what type of guns you can shoot in their packages, but not Shoot Las Vegas.  They let you pick any gun from the 55 on the firing line.  Want to shoot 6 machine guns for $222.00, you can do that!   You can also book after hours night shooting with advance notice. Ask about about upgrades like blowing up cars, .50 cal full-auto M2 and more. Complimentary transportation is available with most packages.   

Because they are a VIP service that only offers private and semi private shooting experiences, they require advanced reservations.  The only other requirement to book with them is that you must have a minimum of 3 people each book a 6-Gun package or a minimum of 2 people each book their 9-Gun and 12-Gun packages.
After seeing their elaborate set-up, I can see why they have a minimum and need advance reservations.  I also learned from my experience why all of their Yelp and Trip Advisor ratings are 5-Star.  I felt like a VIP without paying the VIP price.  Shoot Las Vegas is the best shooting experience I have ever done. 

P: (702) 634-GUNS(4867)
F: (702) 446-5320

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Location: Las Vegas Boulder City, NV, USA