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MUFON Nevada - The Scientific Study of UFOs

by Bea Taylor
This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Donna Carbone, MUFON State Director for Nevada, for an exclusive interview. 

MUFON is a worldwide organization that is a run mainly by volunteers. The acronym means Mutual UFO Network. The organization is the world's oldest and largest UFO phenomenon investigative body, seeking answers to that most ancient of questions, "Are we alone in the universe?"  

MUFON consists of experts in the UFO field - government officials, entertainers, scientists, medical doctors, and everyday people that have had experiences. 

"MUFON Nevada has over 250 members in the entire State, and holds a monthly meeting here in Las Vegas bringing in professional speakers in the UFO field," Donna says.

"Everybody is welcome to join the group, and if you have seen a UFO, or you are an experiencer (someone who has been taken aboard a craft or had a close encounter), then MUFON Nevada is a safe place to talk about and discuss your experience."   

"A lot of our members [MUFON Nevada] get together to go out to view the night sky, and - yes they have seen UFOs!  Several members are published authors who have written books about their experiences and are always willing to speak to anyone who has a sincere interest in UFOs. To join MUFON Nevada, please go to .  Then just join the group and you will receive all information relating to our meetings and locations. There is no charge to join the group.”  

UFO means Unidentified Flying Object. It doesn't mean an alien spacecraft necessarily. It just means something is in the sky that is not identifiable. That’s why I dislike the term “UFO" as it can relate to so many things,” Donna says.  

MUFON is contacted by hundreds of people reporting UFO sightings on a monthly basis. Some of them reported seeing a UFO "while smoking outside," others report them while traveling or vacationing. People send recorded videos of "suspicious lights flying around, along with still photos.”  Here in Las Vegas many of the videos we receive end up being helicopters on the way back from the Grand Canyon tour, and can fool a lot of vacationers who are not use to our very busy skies. We have McCarran International Airport, Nellis Air Force Base, and all the tourist helicopters and small planes. At night our skies are lit up with so many lights coming and going that sometimes it’s hard to tell what is actually up there.

"If you have a sighting of something strange, please do a report at, so MUFON can start an investigation on your sighting. Anything that is out of the ordinary we are more than willing to investigate! Structured craft, orbs of light, an actual alien encounter, and anything in-between. If you have videos or photos there is a place to attach them at the bottom of the report".

All reports that are sent to are forwarded to the MUFON State Director for investigation and follow-up, and are assigned to Field Investigators who will contact the witness and proceed with the investigation.  

"We use special video software, and scientific methods to check the validity of videos and photos," she says.  “With all the available photo technology nowadays, in 5 minutes people can draw a fake UFO, and insert it into photos or videos for the sake of their 5 minutes of fame. There are so many fake videos and pictures on the Internet now and a lot of people believe everything they see and are told.”

"If investigators cannot establish the validity of a photo, we forward it to headquarters for validation by a team of professional photography specialists."

"You can join MUFON by logging into You'll also receive the MUFON monthly journal, or get an online eJournal, which is filled with terrific information regarding Ufology". 

"I want to talk about an important issue. It's about personal information. A witness of a sighting will never have any personal information released to the public, unless they allow it to be released by signing a statement stating it is ok that their name becomes public. It’s crucial that a witness understands this as so many witnesses are afraid to allow their name to be used."

Donna also told me about how people can become Field Investigators. "It's almost like being a detective. Training is involved before anyone is turned lose to investigate a case, and you are given different websites in order to look-up the weather at the time of the sighting, to check on rockets and the International Space Station to see if anything was in the sky during the sighting, and a website to help calculate the latitude and longitude of the sighting. There are many procedures that we must adhere to in order to become a field investigator and advance to another position within MUFON.” 

"To become a field investigator you will need to become a member of MUFON, purchase a copy of the MUFON Field Investigators Manual, study it, and pass the exam. After that, investigators have to be apprentices and work on several cases with experienced investigators before they can do any investigations independently.”

"We are always looking for new members and for those who want to become Field Investigators to join our team. MUFON chapters are available in every state and are reachable through the MUFON website."  

MUFON will be holding it’s 2015 MUFON Symposium: Expanding Ufology, in Irvine, CA, September 24-27, 2015, and will have some amazing speakers!  Please see MUFONs website for further information.

Donna really loves to research, and being up-to-date on information relating to Ufology. She talks with great enthusiasm and it's contagious! She states that she has met some remarkable people through MUFON and admires them for the time and effort they have put into making MUFON the leader in UFO research.  Donna says, “Now is a terrific time to be involved in Ufology as so many people are finally coming forth and relating what they know to be the truth about UFOs. Astronauts Gordon Cooper, Buzz Aldrin, and Edgar Mitchell have all come forward and shared their experiences with the American public, and also Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Defense Minister, has written books on the subject. There are so many brilliant people speaking on this subject now that all one needs to do is Google UFOs and pick a “reliable” source for information.”

At the end of the interview she looked at me and said, "I would love for them to come by and take me for a ride.”   Wouldn't that be awesome?"

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HANGAR 1 - The UFO Files
Vast archive of over 70,000 files gathered over nearly half a century. MUFON investigations within Hangar 1 have turned up evidence of amazing otherworldly technological powers, like tractor beams, teleportation, and invisibility. Witnesses who have encountered UFOs have also experienced physiological aftereffects, including x-ray vision and telepathy. 

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2015 MUFON Symposium 
Expanding Ufology: Opening New Doors in Academia, Industry and the Media
Paul Hellyer, Former Defense Minister for Canada. "Universal Control and Dominance"
Aaron Judkins, Biblical Archaeologist. "Return of the Nephilim"
Cheryll Jones, Former CNN News Anchor. "ETs, UFOs and the Media....Past, Present and Future"
Jaime Maussan, TV News Journalist. "Real UFOs Caught on Video"
Linda Zimmermann, Research Chemist and Author. "Hudson Valley UFOs: A Century of Sightings"
Marc d 'Antonio, CEO FX Models, MUFON Chief Photo Analyst. "Light Years to Earth"
Nancy du Tertre, Princeton Graduate and Attorney. "Exolinguistics: How to speak to an alien"
Preston Dennett, UFO Researcher. "Is there an Undersea UFO Base off the California Coast?"
Robert Schroeder, Hewlitt Packard,  Physicist. "How Modern Physics is Revealing the Technology of UFOs"
Stanton Friedman, Nuclear Physicist. "Making Ufology Respectable"
Greg V. Meholic, The Aerospace Corporation. "Advanced Space Propulsion for Interstellar Travel"
Master of CeremoniesJohn Greenewald, Host: and TV producer-The Discovery Channel. 

September 24, 2015 at 8:00 AM PDT to September 27, 2015 at 6:00 PM PDT
17900 Jamboree Road
Irvine, CA 92614  
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