Thursday, August 13, 2015

Zombie Burlesque

by Charity Griego

Zombie Burlesque show, located in the V Theater in the Miracale Mile of Planet Hollywood. The theatre is intimate and small, which adds to that little theatre thespian nostalgia. It accommodates seating for 200 and over half of the seats are considered VIP spots.  The show is a tantalizing and lively performance, despite the fact that the cast is dead.  It opens with a B-movie screen style backdrop that introduces both the cast and the crew that get hacked by the zombie dancers. Among the crew members mentioned were the band members, the music director, stage director and choreographer as an innovative way of paying homage to the people behind the scenes that make the magic happen. 

The Vintage Burlesque Cabaret includes a mix of scantily clad eye candy of ever flavor including Talia Ambers as Carvin Miranda a spicy little pole dancing dish looking for the carne of a man. Alonzo Jones as Turf is more than sick and twisted, he is dead and contorted. His break-beat style body dislocations had the audience literally falling out of their seats and gasping in shock and amazement. The petite and lovely Erika Moul "Queen of the Zombies" sends chills up and down your spine with her vivacious song "I just want to make love to you". Patrick Leahy as Mikey gives a new spin to the evolution of a zombie with his character transformation that starts off with the song "Eating P**** doesn't make you Gay". And who could forget the long legs of Lora Kelsey as Lola Gangrene who's flawless body is featured in a "Date night at the Drive-In" segment of Attack of the 50 ft woman? The show is sexual in nature but the performers are tastefully semi-nude and their body types and mixed races and talents cater to every taste. 

The show is  hosted by Zenoch; Enoch Augustus Scott or I like to call, the Big Sleazy, who explains how rigamortis keeps a zombie stiff and gives them an appetite for brains and lots of sex. Zenoch's character is somewhat reminiscent of Beetle Juice with the bedazzled used car sales man type of jackets and sexual gestures through out the performance. However, there is no lack of class, talent or charm. Enoch's voice will make any living person's heart skip a beat with his sultry and robust tones and classic musical theatre belt voice. He recently celebrated his 42nd birthday but has all the zeal and energy of a fresh entertainer complimented by the experience of a seasoned professional.  

Saturday night's birthday boy was Steve Daly aka Tiny Bubbles. This Big Mama of the cabaret is dressed in a 50's poodle skirt  and brings a man from the crowd to draw a characature sketch of his face that comes to life and performs Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole's rendition of Unforgettable with Mrs. Bubbles.

The long walk to the theatre must keep the performers in shape and it is recommended to valet at Planet Hollywood, especially on a date night whether you are from out of town, like Krista and Travis Heinz, who traveled all the way from Seattle for a family member's Vegas style wedding and chose to check out the show because of their long time love of zombies and burlesque performance, or a Las Vegas local. Travis and Krista got more than they expected when Zenoch spotted Krista's bountiful boozum and brought her and Travis on stage to play the Couple's Game against two zombie spouses. Travis was placed in an isolation booth with the salivating zombie Mikey who sprinkled salt and pepper on Travis and wrapped a napkin around his neck, anticipating a dinner show. 

The show tickets can be upgraded to include dinner and you can find the list of restaurant choices at Locals just need to show their valid Nevada photo ID at the box office to receive the 50% off general admission seats. Tickets can also be booked in advance by calling 702.260.7200, please inform the clerk that you are a local on the phone. Regular price is for General Admission is 64.99 before taxes and 84.99 for VIP before taxes, the dinner vouchers are 19.99 per person on top of the price of the show. The drink special is $9.25 per drink and is an 18 oz mixed drink in a souvenir cup. Audience member get to choose from house liquors that include: Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Scotch, Bourbon  and Whiskey with a choice of mixer included. Refills can be purchased for the souvenir cups at a discounted cost,  depending on the drink. Top shelf liquors and frozen drinks are considered premium drinks and will cost extra; however, there is still a savings with the drink special.

With plenty of food and drink options  to satisfy you, the only thing left to consider is being eaten by a zombie. However, the zombies are provided with their own Meals on Wheels from a bus load of prisoner snacks. There are no photos or videos allowed during the show, but the cast does do a meet and greet following the performance and will pose for pictures with the guests.

V Theater Las Vegas
3663 Las Vegas Blvd. - Suite 360
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Inside the Miracle Mile Shops at the 
Planet Hollywood

(866) 932-1818