Saturday, September 26, 2015

Dirk Vermin aka The Energizer Bunny!

When I was finally able to “corner” Dirk Vermin, actually set up a time and place and get an interview with him, it was a very pleasant surprise. I wanted the interview to focus on his book and never expected to listen to him talk about so many other things.

Yes, we did get eventually get a chance to talk about his book, “The Devil and Dirk Vermin?!” which is now scheduled for publication in early 2016.

On October 22nd, Dirk shared that he is launching a new beer called DirkHaus in collaboration with Crafthaus Brewery located right here in Henderson, NV and will be available starting that day at the Double Down Saloon, Frankie’s Tiki Room and the RI RA Irish Pub at the Mandalay Bay Place.

Also, in February 2016, Dirk is launching a new cigar brand called El Vermin Cigar while at the same time getting ready (early 2016) to start up his brand new band named, what else but, Dirk Vermin and The Hostile Talent which he describes as “ high-octane rock and roll."  

And finally, a brand new TV show casting in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas—WOW!

Now, I know Dirk Vermin is obviously a multitask guy, but I really didn’t expect to find him involved in so many diverse ongoing projects. Just imagine writing a book, launching cigar and beer brands, a new TV show and starting up a new band!  It’s like riding a bicycle, while swimming and playing basketball all at the same time!

Now as If ALL this were not enough, Dirk is ready to launch two more projects that I cannot tell you about yet, but will share with you next month. In order to make sure I didn’t miss anything regarding Dirk’s projects, I recorded and uploaded two videos on YouTube.  

Here are the links so you can see for yourself that I am not kidding:

Dirk Vermin on Beer and Cigars

Dirk Vermin New TV Show

Dirk Vermin is the father of two princesses, a guitar player, producer, tattoo artist, business owner, author, and soon-to-be TV Star again. Follow him at Google Plus  Facebook  and Twitter   Also, be sure and check out his website