Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Who is CFJ?

by CFJ

I'm a second generation Las Vegan and damn proud of it. And yes, people DO get born here... and NOT on the Black Jack table either.

My Grandfather moved to Las Vegas from Minnesota (Making me one of the few Vikings fans in Vegas) to work as a foreman on Hoover Damn. Growing up I LOVED all the amazing stories from the building of one of the projects that lifted this country out of the Great Depression. My FAVORITE all time story is when my Grandfather was in the hospital after pushing so hard as a foreman on the Flamingo, he had an appendicitis attack. Bugsy Siegel  himself went to 

visit him in the hospital the night of the famous grand opening of the Flamingo. My granddad was so taken aback that he said "what are you doing here during the grand opening"? Bugsy told him not to worry because the massive storm that hit Vegas that night left the place basically empty.

My Grandmother was the executive secretary for Moe Dalitz at the Desert Inn and was privy to A LOT of Mob secrets although she never divulged them to ANYONE. Dalitz was a member of the Detroit Mob in Vegas as well as Allard Roen, Irwin Molasky and Merv Adelson.  A funny story was when my Mother was in Sunrise Hospital after giving birth to me, the nurses were NOT very nice to her. Once she got flowers from Merv Adelson, the ENTIRE nursing staff waited on her hand and foot. You see, Dalitz, Roen, Molasky and Merv Adelson founded Sunrise Hospital.

He met my grandmother who had just moved to Nevada from Utah and they set their roots. Roots that were solid and they both lived the rest of their lives in Las Vegas. My father, as I, was born in Vegas and he too lived the majority of his life in Las Vegas. My Mother was born in Athens, Greece and after she won the Miss Greece pageant, she went to live in New York to work at the Ford Modelling Agency. Her dream was to be a dress designer so that lead her to Los Angeles. 

My Father was a starving actor in LA and that's where they met. After my sister was born they moved back to Las Vegas where I was born. While in Vegas, my Father had small parts in he few films that were shot in Vegas. He had 2 lines in the original Sinatra version of Oceans 11 and even later in life, he played a security guard in the De Niro film, Casino. During the 1970's, after my parents divorced, my Mother was an independent contractor for many Casinos and one of them was the Stardust. She designed and made all of the uniforms from the Carousels to the cages. And the person she dealt directly with was Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal (The person Robert De Niro plays in "Casino"). 

She always had nothing but nice things to say about the man and he always treated her with respect, was always a gentleman and trusted her opinion on what the uniforms should look like. A funny anecdote from that time was one day, a right hand man of Lefty came to my Mother and told her that Mr. Rosenthal would like her to take a package out tot the Valley. The Stardust was about to be raided by the FBI and they had a tip so they asked several trusted people to take some of the skimmed cash out of the Casino. My Mother not used to the ways of the Mob was scared and drove straight to my father to ask for advice. He told her to just do exactly as they instructed because "they" will be forever grateful. She did and was in good with the Jewish Mafia out of Chicago. She even worked for Steve Wynn. Although I moved away with my mother and sister when I was 13 years old, I always considered Vegas my home.

My father was a Reagan democrat. Remember those? Democrats that didn't blindly regurgitate the party line and voted for the best candidate? And since my parents divorced when I was 4, I was raised by my mother. She was born in Greece but had lived in the US since she was 21. Its been my experience that immigrants, especially from socialist style countries are more appreciative of the freedoms that a lot of Natural born Americans take for granted. And in some respects, a majority of them are conservative. So while my Mother's influence on me sent me in a conservative direction, it was my own investigations and studies into political policies as well as getting to the roots of successful as well as failed policies. 

Although I was late to getting into social media, I had written a blog post back in 2009 that went Viral. I was so sick and tired of people saying how horrible the eight years of Bush were I decided to do my own research on the actual cause of the 2008 crash and ensuing great recession. Now I won't bore you with the details, but if you google "Remember Jan. 3rd, 2007" you will find 10's of thousands of results. For my full version of the article including the related video, you can go here: I am a contributor on Wayne Dupree's news ninja site for some time now. And this moves us to the next chapter of my foray into citizen journalism. 

Stacy Rush who had been in on the ground floor of news ninja and who I had built a friendship with on Twitter, asked me if I was interested in having my own political talk show on the soon to be launched WAAR radio (We Are America Radio) another Dupree venture. Since I had had my own music show on the radio when I played Pro basketball in Europe, I jumped at the chance to get my thoughts out to an even broader audience. I started the ascend conservatism show on WAAR over a year and a half and truly Enjoy the opportunity to not only inform the listener on not only conservatism but also to expose the liberal lies like the one I exposed about liberal housing policies that dumped Americans into this never-ending recession. 

I also want to entertain the listener and that is why I created the Dateline segment that uses sound effects and famous quotes from politics to get my points across in a fun way. I also use the acronym for my airwave personality if you will of "CFJ". I do not use my real name because I want to focus the entire show to be Conservatism, and not me. I do all of this (articles/social media/radio) out of love for country and to try in my little way to help turn 
America back on the right path. Personal glory is last on my list for motivation for my promotion of the conservative cause, and that's why, even here on Vegas I will remain (semi) annonymouse as CFJ.

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Kimberly Milbauer said...

Awesome family history! GREAT service to community CFJ! Social media and Ascend!