Tuesday, January 19, 2016

King Kukulele Rocks The Golden Tiki

by Bea Taylor
Denny Moynahan AKA King Kukulele, is a comedian, actor and kukuleleist. King Kukulele & The Friki Tikis having recorded in Japan, Asia, England, Italy, Ireland, France, Holland, all around the country and tonight at The Golden Tiki

Heart broke Denny Moynaham, made a trip to Hawai where he learned and starting paying ukulele (Hawaiian steel guitar) back in California. According to Denny Moynahan, many people play ukulele as a therapy, for their happiness. "A little instrument like that is a good friend and when I play it, is not just only performance, I interact with the people, talk to the audience

Backpack traveling around Europe, he played for 5 months at  Mr. Pussy Cafe de Luxe, owned by Bono (U2) in Ireland. One night all of U2 and all of REM came in and watched him playing in Dublin and "it was very weird" he says. 

Denny Moynahan on The Golden Tiki and how he got to know about it. "Here we are at the Golden Tiki. I love the Golden Tiki bar. It's just like my style; really fun; lots of things to see; action; I like you know". "I feel like they got the greatest designer from Disney" "A lot of people ask me - how did you find out about The Golden Tiki? - I can tell you that one of the hottest designers and artist creator of tikis; he is a carver, he is a designer of tiki mugs; he built bars; he is Tiki Diablo. Everything he touches is golden. So when I heard he was designing The Golden Tiki I was exiting to find out more about it, you know..." "I've been in touch with the idea and the concept of some of the sparks of the creativity from the beginning, and I knew the grand opening of the Golden Tiki was coming up and I got a call from Branden Powers and the invitation was there and I just jumped on it. I'm really happy to be part of the grand opening" 

"This is one of the greatest opportunities for tiki is  to welcome people in to a different world. They walked off the street and they enter a world that is different than they seen outside of Las Vegas. It's almost like you are in Las Vegas, you are on the Strip passing by all the big resorts and you travel to this world. It's like going to Disneyland! They have all these different themed areas, you have the Headhunter Village here, the Mermaid Cove over there, a waterfall made up by sea shells fountains, Cap William Tobias Faulkner, the skeleton talker AKA WTF at the Pirates’ Lair". 

"When I interact with an audience, to give them a sort of a jolt and The Golden Tiki bar is a jolt, is fun, it's not like one serious motif, it's like all these things to see and more and there are layers. It's like an onion. Not really an onion. So many drink options, incredible drinks. The bar is definitively complete, everything you want to. The menu itself is beautiful." 
After this brief interview,wearing Hawaiian shirt, straw hat, ersatz grass skirt and lei he played, interacted with customers at The Golden Tiki bringing happiness and good vibrations for 2016.

Website: http://www.kingkukulele.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/king.kukulele

The Golden Tiki

Twitter: @GoldenTikiVegas
3939 Spring Mountain Road
Las Vegas Chinatown