Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Flying over Las Vegas

by Mikelly Braga

Las Vegas honors the title of Fabulous City! And this can be whatever the way you explore it; on foot, by a tourist bus or in a glamorous limo ride, the grandeur of Las Vegas is unquestionable.

But how about a helicopter ride?

The answer should be at most, "Of course!" And at the very least, "Why not?"

This is the fastest and most exciting way to know how flawless this City is. From the sky, enjoy the world-famous Strip and Downtown Las Vegas with all its colors and lights, if you prefer a night tour. After all, day or night this tour is unforgettable, and with Las Vegas sunset even more before the eyes of their passionate lovers.

Do not miss the opportunity to fly the light beam of the Luxor pyramid, the skyline New York - New York,
the dancing fountains of the Bellagio, the Roman Empire of Caesars, the charming Paris Eiffel Tower, the Clock Tower in the Venetian St Mark's Square and much more.

Admire the historic center of Las Vegas with the neon signs of oldest casinos that still thrive, and the canopy of Fremont Street, dubbed Glitter Gulch, as well as the skyscraper of the Stratosphere.

Repeat all these attractions on the way back to the heliport, only this time in reverse.

The suggestion is to make the reservation of the tour in advance. Introduce yourself at heliport to check in at least 45 minutes prior to departure and in possession of an identification document. When embarking be aware of all the instructions given by the pilot and follow the letter.

And so, watch the magnificence of Las Vegas cabin right in the front row of the sky, and have the best 10 to 15 minutes of your day!

Mikelly Braga

Graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Specialist in Clinical Pharmacology.
Brazilian, wife of Hélio Braga, friend of Bea Taylor.
Lover for travel, enchanted with the United States of America and in love with
Las Vegas.

Mikelly and Helio live to travel and travel to live!

Shooting Stars

Eric Brashear, hosted Shooting Stars event, by invitation only, at his Shoot Las Vegas shooting range as a show of appreciation to Las Vegas local entertainers. 

Shoot Las Vegas is the NUMBER ONE gun range in Las Vegas, offering shooting outdoors, multiple targets spread out in a 100-acre natural desert canyon and is located approximately 40 minutes from The Strip, 3 miles from The Pioneer Saloon.

The day of the event, guests parked their cars at The Pioneer Saloon and were lifted to Shoot Las Vegas range by a limo and  shuttle.

Before the guests start choosing their shooting machines, they got some instructions from the range staff. 

After that, the environment was pure fun. The guests built their shooting packages from a collection of some 70 firearms, including full-auto machine guns, sniper rifles, Western guns and handguns and the party has begun. Most popular among guests were the sniper rifles.

At the Shoot Las Vegas range, you can even BLOW UP a car!! The shooting stations are equipped with photo / video systems that take your picture or video as you shoot every gun, and it's free.

Address: 15357 Kingston Rd, Goodsprings, NV 89019
Shoot Las Vegas provides Free Transportation from all Las Vegas strip hotels and downtown Las Vegas hotels. Call (702) 634-4867 for available pickup times and also from the Pioneer Saloon - 310 West Spring St. Goodsprings, NV 89019 
Phone # (702) 634-4867



Thursday, October 25, 2018

SlotZilla, Fremont Street view from an unforgettable angle

 Flying over Fremont Street

Some say that Las Vegas is the only one-street town. My dear, this person is totally mistaken.

Las Vegas is a fabulous, mid-desert city filled with attractions for all ages, tastes and pockets.

Starting where it all began: Fremont Street. Located in the center of the city, it concentrates the oldest Las Vegas hotels and casinos, which existed even before the famous Strip.

The Fremont Street Experience is a closed, covered street. It offers a variety of events and shows throughout the day. But it is at night that magic happens. Its ceiling transforms into a giant multi-sensory entertainment screen with music, animations and games of light of last generation, making it the largest audio and video system in the world.

One of the best ways to contemplate the lights of Fremont Street is flying over it through the SlotZilla zipline. This is a 12-story slot machine in the middle of the street.

When purchasing the ticket at the store, at the scheduled time, the person will go up stairs. It will be heavy, tied to a safety belt and will have your personal items stored in a bag attached to your belt.

Already on the launch pad, the person will be pinned to the zipline. In a few seconds, it will leave for the landing platform across the street. 

Time to relax and enjoy your flight under the world's largest canopy, gaze at the neon lights around you and see Fremont from an unforgettable angle. In the meantime, the people down below waiting for their turn or even had the courage to face the zipline, will be watching their bravery and hear their cries of pure adrenaline!

Mikelly Braga

Graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Specialist in Clinical Pharmacology.
Brazilian, wife of Hélio Braga, friend of Bea Taylor.
Lover for travel, enchanted with the United States of America and passionate about Las Vegas.

Mikelly and Helio live to travel and travel to live!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Las Vegas Zombie Apocalypse

Hélio de Mello Braga
Las Vegas Zombie Killer

"STUNNING!! Stunning is the word that describes the Zombie Apocalypse in Las Vegas.

It was an amazing experience! After gearing up, we entered a creepy scenic city destroyed after an unknown virus turned all inhabitants into zombies. And our mission was, basically, to get into the city, led by former US military, and find the cure for this evil and kill the zombies in the process. 
It did feel like I was in a movie ... like "The Walking Dead." All very realistic!
Sensational! Stunning!" Hélio Braga

 Former Army Rangers, Navy SEALs, Green   Beret and Delta Force Operators will prepare     and train you to strategically maneuver through   a displaced town that has been overtaken by   flesh hungry, diseased zombies. 

 Once you are briefed, tactically equipped and     divided into teams, former Special Ops Warriors   will lead you through a gauntlet of chaos in their   38,000 sq. ft, million-dollar build-out, with epic   special effects! 

 You WILL believe that you are in the middle of a   real life video game, running and gunning, in   the ultimate apocalyptic Special Ops mission.

The ultimate goal is to eliminate any and ALL   mutated entities, living or otherwise, to prevent   further spread of a lab virus. 

 Additionally, kill or capture any identified   terrorist  cell members and under no   circumstances,   allow them to escape. 

 Your third and final task is to contain, secure,   and bring back the biological contamination   agent.

Hélio Braga
Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Law, Banking, Travel Lover 
Passionate about Las Vegas

Zombie Apocalypse

4375 S. Valley View Blvd, Suite G
Las Vegas, NV 89103

Open: Thursday - Sunday

Show times:
Thursday – Sunday: 1 pm, 4 pm, 7 pm
(with an additional show on Saturday at 10 am)

Sunday, October 7, 2018

From the stage to the screen

Stand Up and Sketch Comedy

It’s been a busy year for LA based comedian, Steven Briggs. Steven performs overseas for the most recently in Japan, China and for our   troops in Iraq. He also is a regular perform on   the Las Vegas Strip. 

In addition to his regular stand-up touring  schedule, Steven has been   featured   on several hit TV   shows and has   gained  substantial recognition for his eponymous sketch comedy YouTube   channel.  While his   calendar is booked halfway   through 2019   already, Briggs still says he is still   constantly seeking  out his next project.

 Even if you didn’t tune into Tru TV’s new hit, Laff   Tracks, you may have still seen Brigg’s wild   tales come to life during a promo segment that   aired during basketball’s infamous, March   Madness. That same month, Briggs’s live stand   up performance aired on Pluto TV’s fifth season   of Coming to the Stage. Both episodes can now   be streamed online, as well as Steven’s most   recent TV appearance on Jokesters TV, which   aired on the CW last month.

  While Steven’s next TV appearance isn’t   scheduled until early 2019 (make sure to keep   an eye on your Netflix queue!), you can still see   him every Monday on his YouTube channel.   Briggs, who writes, produces and stars in all of   the sketches, has been featured on the front   page of Funny or Die as well as on Kevin Hart’s LOL Network and All Def Digital.

Social Profiles  
Instagram @stevenbriggscomedy