Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Shooting Stars

Eric Brashear, hosted Shooting Stars event, by invitation only, at his Shoot Las Vegas shooting range as a show of appreciation to Las Vegas local entertainers. 

Shoot Las Vegas is the NUMBER ONE gun range in Las Vegas, offering shooting outdoors, multiple targets spread out in a 100-acre natural desert canyon and is located approximately 40 minutes from The Strip, 3 miles from The Pioneer Saloon.

The day of the event, guests parked their cars at The Pioneer Saloon and were lifted to Shoot Las Vegas range by a limo and  shuttle.

Before the guests start choosing their shooting machines, they got some instructions from the range staff. 

After that, the environment was pure fun. The guests built their shooting packages from a collection of some 70 firearms, including full-auto machine guns, sniper rifles, Western guns and handguns and the party has begun. Most popular among guests were the sniper rifles.

At the Shoot Las Vegas range, you can even BLOW UP a car!! The shooting stations are equipped with photo / video systems that take your picture or video as you shoot every gun, and it's free.

Address: 15357 Kingston Rd, Goodsprings, NV 89019
Shoot Las Vegas provides Free Transportation from all Las Vegas strip hotels and downtown Las Vegas hotels. Call (702) 634-4867 for available pickup times and also from the Pioneer Saloon - 310 West Spring St. Goodsprings, NV 89019 
Phone # (702) 634-4867