Thursday, October 25, 2018

SlotZilla, Fremont Street view from an unforgettable angle

 Flying over Fremont Street

Some say that Las Vegas is the only one-street town. My dear, this person is totally mistaken.

Las Vegas is a fabulous, mid-desert city filled with attractions for all ages, tastes and pockets.

Starting where it all began: Fremont Street. Located in the center of the city, it concentrates the oldest Las Vegas hotels and casinos, which existed even before the famous Strip.

The Fremont Street Experience is a closed, covered street. It offers a variety of events and shows throughout the day. But it is at night that magic happens. Its ceiling transforms into a giant multi-sensory entertainment screen with music, animations and games of light of last generation, making it the largest audio and video system in the world.

One of the best ways to contemplate the lights of Fremont Street is flying over it through the SlotZilla zipline. This is a 12-story slot machine in the middle of the street.

When purchasing the ticket at the store, at the scheduled time, the person will go up stairs. It will be heavy, tied to a safety belt and will have your personal items stored in a bag attached to your belt.

Already on the launch pad, the person will be pinned to the zipline. In a few seconds, it will leave for the landing platform across the street. 

Time to relax and enjoy your flight under the world's largest canopy, gaze at the neon lights around you and see Fremont from an unforgettable angle. In the meantime, the people down below waiting for their turn or even had the courage to face the zipline, will be watching their bravery and hear their cries of pure adrenaline!

Mikelly Braga

Graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Specialist in Clinical Pharmacology.
Brazilian, wife of Hélio Braga, friend of Bea Taylor.
Lover for travel, enchanted with the United States of America and passionate about Las Vegas.

Mikelly and Helio live to travel and travel to live!