Thursday, November 1, 2018

Bite Me! Halloween Bash

Eric Bashear dressed as Big Red Riding Hood and his girlfriend Imani Aliyah as Little Bad Wolf:     
     “That party definitely qualifies as EPIC!!” Eric said. 
    And yes, his party was EPIC!!

There were two grilling stations with two chefs grilling, including Hibachi along with two fully stocked bars where girls from Naughty Bartenders - Imani Aliyah company - worked non-stop to make this Halloween party the best yet.

Habitues Steven Lee August - Reptile Rescue Las Vegas - and his girlfriend Maria Gara - August Entertainment, Party Planning; JD - Propriety Brothers - and his girlfriend, all having a blast.

First time party goer, Brazilian chef de cuisine, Daniel Ivan Mendes, was amazed by the opulence of Eric's party. 

According to Daniel, this is his last stop before a trip to East Asia for perfecting his cooking skills.

Like Daniel, there were other first time Eric party goers who were delighted with the extravaganza.  

Elisa Furr, Denita Asberry and Carol-Lyn Liddle-Puffer singing, warming the backyard,
and encouraging everybody to dance.

Hilarious pictures were taken inside silk lined Caskets that were available for photo opportunities. 

The party was sponsored by Shoot Las Vegas, Eric's shooting range.

Eric filled the party's atmosphere with happiness and excitement, so he decided to make this video 

There were pole dancer girls, looking like professional dancers and a no so professional but very creative and super funny guy.

This party was indeed Epic, people were singing, dancing, eating, drinking, lots of laughter, smiles, and there was happiness in the air!

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